Pseudoscience in Health and Wellness

Chicago Ethical Humanist Foundation. Nov 2022

Science & pseudoscience in sport

Skeptical Inquirer Presents, Sept 2021

Skepticism in kinesiology

California State University, Sept 2020

"The Skeptic's Guide To Sports Science"

Infomercial, May 2020



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When Medicines Go Rogue, Part 1: Methylene Blue

Skeptical Inquirer

Apr 2022

making better 022-05-06 152008.jpg

Using Fear to Sell Fitness: The Health Trends Preying on Our Insecurities

Skeptical Inquirer

Mar 2022

Drips enshot 2022-05-06 152027.jpg

Intravenous Nutrient Drips: An Expensive Solution to a Nonexistent Problem

Skeptical Inquirer

Feb 2022

How to use2022-05-06 152043.jpg

How To Use Critical Thinking to Inform Better Health And Fitness Decisions in 2022

Skeptical Inquirer

Jan 2022

Can you b2022-05-06 152100.jpg

Can You Breathe Your Way to Better Health? The Science And Pseudoscience of Training Your Lungs

Skeptical Inquirer

Dec 2021


Diets, Detox, and Other Delusions

Skeptical Inquirer

Nov 2021

cryo 022-05-06 152131.jpg

Cryotherapy: The Cold, Hard Truth

Skeptical Inquirer

Oct 2021

Screenshot 2022-05-04 161832.jpg

Olympic athletes excel at sport but are susceptible to CAM.

The Conversation

Aug 2021

Screenshot 2022-05-04 161806.jpg

‘Alternative and unusual therapies to treat cycling injuries: Cure or con?’

Cycling Weekly

Nov 2017

Screenshot 2022-05-05 155701.jpg

Can you buy your way to a fitter you? Facts and falsehoods.

Cycling Weekly

Jun 2016



Wellness Pseudoscience

RNZ National, May 2021

Pseudoscience in Sports Med.

Sirius XM, June 2021