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#41: The second coming...

In 2010, I started a blog on science and skepticism in sport and exercise. I called it "The Endoskeptic Blog" and it was hosted on Wordpress.

I wrote weekly on contentious topics in sports science, particularly those with a pseudoscience angle that required a critical eye. After about 18 months with a moderate readership, I began writing for mainstream media outlets that paid me for my work. When combined with a looming PhD deadline, I realized I hadn't the time to continue writing for "free" and the blog was set to simmer.

Eight years later, much of the content of that blog made it to print in my book: "The Skeptic's Guide to Sports Science", published spring last year (2020) by Routledge. It was the book I'd always wanted to write; a love letter to science that tackled head-on the myths and fallacies of the health and fitness industry. In writing the book, I was able to give something back to a skeptical community from which I'd taken so much. At least the written content of the blog didn't go to waste.

Skip forward to 2021 and I have a new website, new direction, and some new inspiration; thus, I've decided to rekindle the old flame and dust-off my laptop to restart contributing to this overcrowded space.

Why? Because pseudoscience and misinformation are pervasive, especially in the exercise sciences, and especially in a modern culture saturated by big business, social media, and fake news. And if we aren't raising our standards and "fighting the good fight" for science, skepticism, and critical thinking, then the charlatans and cranks and Snake Oil salesman of the world get their way, and we regress to the middle-ages of scientific enquiry and non-evidence-based practice.

Each week, I'll be posting content relating to new research in the exercise sciences and my thoughts on associated topics. The blog will focus on the debunking of pseudoscience in mainstream health and fitness, there will be essays in logic, and updates on various projects that will revolve around scientific writing, writing books (including fiction), and preparation for ultra-endurance races. I'll use the space to flex my brain and sharpen my critical faculties.

Maybe someone will even read it.