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      PG Cert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (2017)

      Ph.D. Human Applied Physiology. Brunel University London (2014)

      MRes Exercise Physiology & Nutrition. University of Hertfordshire (2007)

      BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science. University of Hertfordshire (2005)


      Senior Researcher (Exercise Physiology). Harbor-UCLA

      Associate Professor (Applied Physiology). Sheffield Hallam University

      Assistant Professor (Applied Physiology). Kingston University London

      Expert Science Executive. Glaxosmithkline Human Performance Lab 

      Performance Physiologist. English Institute of Sport


For over a decade, Nick has been scrutinizing the global health and wellness industry through the critical lens of scientific skepticism. In 2011, he started the Endoskeptic blog which, although running for only 18 months, formed the basis for his 2020 book The Skeptic's Guide to Sports Science: confronting myths of the health and fitness industry which was named as one of Book Authority's "Best Sports Science Books of All Time". Tiller has contributed articles on skepticism to numerous mainstream science and news outlets, and writes a monthly column for Skeptical Inquirer Magazine: the magazine for science and reason, published by the Center for Inquiry. Visit the 'Skepticism' page for a collection of Nick's talks, articles, TV and radio spots, and podcasts relating to critical thinking.


Nick is a renowned authority on the physiology and pathophysiology of ultra-endurance exercise. Nick ran his first marathon in 2001 at the age of 18 years and contested Ironman triathlon (Frankfurt; European Championships) in 2009. In 2010, he ran his first ultramarathon. Since then, Nick has contested some of the world's toughest endurance races including the Marathon Des Sables (Sahara Desert) and several 100-mile trail races. In recent years, Nick has unified his personal passion for ultra with his professional work in physiology, contributing numerous original research and review papers to premier exercise science journals. In addition to peer-reviewed research, Tiller contributes articles to mainstream outlets, and writes a monthly column in Ultra-Running Magazine. Visit the 'Ultramarathon' page for a collection of articles and interviews.