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Dr Nick Tiller is an exercise physiologist at Harbor-UCLA, an award-winning author, and a columnist for Skeptical Inquirer and Ultra-Running Magazine.
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The global health & wellness industry is worth over $4 trillion. In this commercial culture, lax regulations yield products that are sold on baseless claims and pseudoscience. Moreover, marketing companies thrive by exploiting scientific illiteracy and blunted critical faculties. In "The Skeptic's Guide to Sports Science", Dr Nick Tiller puts the industry's most popular products and services under the microscope and delivers a treatise on critical thinking and scientific skepticism that challenges how we conceptualize health and wellness. This is compulsory reading for exercisers, academics, practitioners, and consumers of today's lucrative sports science market.

Tiller's information is accurate and supported by references, and his treatise on critical thinking is brilliant.

Harriet Hall - Skeptical Inquirer Magazine


One of the best sports science books of all time!

Book Authority

Laypeople, sports scientists, students and early-career academics and practitioners can all benefit from reading this book... a must read!

Liam Oliver - Applied Sports Scientist

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