Nick Tiller (MRes, Ph.D.) is a researcher at the Institute of Respiratory Medicine & Exercise Physiology at Harbor-UCLA, and a board member of the Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation (PERF). He is an author, science writer, and skeptical activist. Nick was born in London, England, and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. 


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Join Maxwell Tanner in this upcoming cyberpunk epic as he becomes embroiled in a solar-system-wide government conspiracy that could forever alter the path of the human genus. Surrounded by physically-augmented enemies in a future 200 years from now, and struggling to understand skills he didn’t know he had; can Tanner win the race to expose those behind the biggest conspiracy in recorded history, or will he be swallowed-up by an unforgiving city that is unable to reconcile its love for science and its hate for mankind!?

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Join the FIGHT against PSEUDOSCIENCE in sport!

Misinformation and bad science are pervasive in modern society. This informative and accessible volume champions science, skepticism, and critical-thinking in the sports industry, and scrutinizes the most popular sports products and practices on the market. The Skeptic's Guide to Sports Science is a must-read for exercisers, athletes, academics, students, and practitioners who hope to retain their intellectual integrity in a lucrative health & fitness industry that is spiraling out-of-control.

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